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Sutter Center for Integrated Care

Award winning patient engagement tools
Stoplight forms addressing a variety of conditions
in multiple languages.

Health literate stoplight tools to facilitate:
• Condition self-management
• Medication Management
• Quality of life

Training providers across disciplines
• Facilitate behavior change
• Identify and address barriers
• Engage patients, families and caregivers
• Deliver health literate care
• Coordinate care transitions
• Know the latest evidence based guidelines
• Utilize technology to improve outcomes

Humanizing Healthcare – 2016 Innovative Program Redesign Award Recipient


person centered

  • • Care with dignity and respect

  • • Personal goals guide care

  • • Patient as partner


evidence based

  • • Clinical best practices
  • • Patient engagement:
  • • Self management support
  • • Health literate care

Coordinated Care

coordinated care

  • • Seamless transitions across providers, settings and time
  • • Meaningful and timely information exchange