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    About Us

    Sutter Center for Integrated Care is a value-driven organization

    We believe …

    • All patients everywhere deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and that those who care for our patients deserve to be armed with the best practices from all applicable disciplines.

    • Shared decision making is the key to improving patient quality of life and concomitantly brings satisfaction and joy to the care provider.
      Health care providers want to provide excellent high quality care.

    • A focus on clinical excellence leads to financial success when innovative leadership re-imagines a patient-centered and value-driven healthcare delivery system.

    • Our current healthcare system is broken due to a focus on acute care, resulting in large gaps, inefficiencies and less than desirable outcomes for patients with chronic diseases and conditions.

    • These problems can be solved by those providers in the trenches who are dedicated to utilizing their expert clinical knowledge in partnership with patients and families and the expert knowledge they possess about their unique situations and desires. Remarkable examples of excellence in caring partnerships already exist.

    • Dedicated, caring clinicians can come together to solve these problems if they can clearly see what is possible.
    We exist to paint the picture of excellence for these dedicated individuals.